The definition of Yoga is union or ‘Yoke’. It is the union of the mind and the body. Our retreats and classes are designed for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

Tickets to Paradise: A Yoga-Based Therapeutic Approach to Self-Care and Healing at Esalen

Esalen Institute (Big Sur)

During this weekend, Harvey guides you through the anatomy of your internal and external body landscapes, exploring functional anatomy as well as biomechanics. From this improved knowledge base you develop a practice and mindset to improve your overall postural awareness, strength, and stability. You also become adept at reducing common musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Blending art and science, Harvey’s self-guided drills for the home and workplace are designed to keep your body and mind tuned and sharp. With humor and playfulness, he shares wisdom gained over 37 years he has spent studying and practicing both yoga and physical therapy.

Return home with the information and understanding you need to become empowered as the primary guardian of your own health and well-being.

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1440 Multiversity

1440 Multiversity (Santa Cruz, CA)

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The Art of Living in Boone, NC

The Art of Living Retreat Center (Boone, NC)

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