2021 Virtual Appointments

If you are interested in an appointment, please email redhawkappointments@gmail.com with the subject line "Appointment Interest" and we will contact you with availability for the upcoming year.

Welcome to Red Hawk Physical Therapy

Hi Yogis,

This note combines my love of science and my love of our words/language.

How many of you have begun your practice and felt like you were starting all over again? Stiff, tight, and hard to access some of our "spots"! Once we start moving and shifting our fluids the system starts to respond and we can feel the lubrication begin.

Thixotropy...the property of becoming less viscous when subjected to an applied stress, shown for example by some gels which become temporarily fluid when shaken or stirred. We have talked about how our bodies are 70+% liquid so it makes sense that when we shake it, stir it, and agitate "it" in Yoga we are changing the consistency of the fluids and "lubing up" the systems (Upper Peninsula, Michigan pictured below).

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Think about a container of yogurt from the refrigerator that you stir up to bring it to a creamy consistency, same idea! Your first down dog is very different from your tenth. Introducing heat and appropriate stresses to the system unlocks the gates so the traffic can flow.

Practicing Yoga in a warm space with a sense of how we align and how the physical body responds can only be helpful in sustaining your practice for a lifetime.

Warm it and shake it my friends!!!!

with heart, Harvey

Upcoming Class/Workshop Reminders

Vivaya Live is a hub for "stress-relieving online yoga classes, meditation, and distance-healing sessions to enjoy from the comfort of your own home."

All of Harvey's classes/workshops can be found on the streaming platform Vivaya Live. Click here to look at his schedule through vivayalive.com. His weekly teaching schedule is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. You can click on the link above or below to sign up for a class today. Reminder, classes will be recorded and can only be accessed if you sign up prior to the start of class.

Weekly Workshops and Classes

(all start times below are in Pacific Standard Time)

What:Therapeutic Yoga

When:Sun Jun 20 2021

Time:2:00 pm for 90 min

What:Therapeutic Yoga

When:Tue Jun 22 2021

Time:10:30 am for 75 min

What:Wall Wednesday

When:Wed Jun 23 2021

Time:3:00 pm for 60 min

What:Therapeutic Yoga

When:Thu Jun 24 2021

Time:10:30 am for 75 min

See our calendar for a complete list.

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