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What a great idea to have a special day devoted to the person who mothered us! For some, that person is their biological mother and for many others "Mom" can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors other than our own.

My Mom passed away over ten years ago now and for some reason this past Mother's Day really brought back a flood of memories and gratitude for her guidance and unconditional love. We don't know it's happening while it's going on but... the nurture factor is undeniable. My parents owned a retail pharmacy in NYC for almost 40 years and my Mom was the "front" of the store. She would greet customers with a smile and provide the personal service that is so hard to find in brick and mortar stores these days.

My mom and I

I would spend many weekends at Bixley Chemist, Inc. doing odd jobs, cleaning and making deliveries to local apartments. Eventually, I worked my way up to running the cash register and helping with the monthly statements. It began my fascination with people and diversity in humans! Inspirational for me to decide to pursue a profession like PT and a joy like teaching Yoga.

I am now living so much closer to NY and my origins, and already have a weekend in June that I will be returning to NY to help celebrate the 90th birthday of my Mom's best friend Betty. So glad to be able to start to travel and see the people that mean so much to me and keep my deepest connections alive and kicking.

Teaching Yoga virtually was born out of necessity, for me anyway, and has opened up a new way of connecting with the global community. I am very sure that it will continue as a mode of teaching. I also look forward to the day when we are back in the Yoga studios again, in smaller groups, greeting you with a giant hug, doing our manual assists and energetically feeling the human connection.

Mom and her best friend Betty

Tell someone today how grateful you are for their presence in your life and watch them light up!

Heart full

with heart, Harvey

Upcoming Class/Workshop Reminders

Vivaya Live is a hub for "stress-relieving online yoga classes, meditation, and distance-healing sessions to enjoy from the comfort of your own home."

All of Harvey's classes/workshops can be found on the streaming platform Vivaya Live. Click here to look at his schedule through vivayalive.com. His weekly teaching schedule is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. You can click on the link above or below to sign up for a class today. Reminder, classes will be recorded and can only be accessed if you sign up prior to the start of class.

Weekly Workshops and Classes

(all start times below are in Pacific Standard Time)

What:Therapeutic Yoga

When:Thu May 13 2021

Time:10:30 am for 75 min

What:Therapeutic Yoga

When:Sun May 16 2021

Time:2:00 pm for 90 min

What:Therapeutic Yoga

When:Tue May 18 2021

Time:10:30 am for 75 min

What:Therapeutic Flow

When:Wed May 19 2021

Time:3:00 pm for 60 min

See our calendar for a complete list.

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