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Milestones are markers on the road and markers in our lives. My younger son Zac just graduated from UC Berkeley this week, which qualifies as a milestone. He is going to continue at UC Berkeley for a graduate degree in Public Health. He has been interested in virus and epidemiologically related subjects. since he was a little lad. I think the world will benefit from his determination and desire to help the planet.

Z and my mom, Gerry, when he just started to learn how to walk
(Z and my mom, Gerry, when he just started to learn how to walk)

I remember walking with him on the campus of University of Vermont, where I went to PT school, when he was about 8 or 9. He said "maybe someday I will go here too and you can be my roommate." Nice thought but just a few things might be problematic!


I remember picking Zac up from Clarendon Elementary School one day and saw him running across the parking lot with a very strange running style. The PT in me thought, "what's up with my boy's legs?" Turns out he had had his shoes on the wrong feet all day. We would sometimes walk home from school through Sutro Forest with our dogs and make an adventure out of going home.


Zac and I went to different National Parks for about ten straight years while he was on spring breaks. The memories and cherished times are uncountable. The bond we forged early on will take us into the future and I look forward to all the unknown journeys and experiences.



What a gift to see your kids grow up to be decent human beings that help make the world a better place to inhabit and enjoy.

See you on the mat, Proud Dad H

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Satya Yoga is a Yoga Studio located in picturesque Saugatuck, Michigan. Owned and operated by Teresa Van Eyk (eryt500), the studio accommodates all levels of yogis. Click here to view the online schedule of Harvey's upcoming classes and register.

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Time:2-3:30 PM EDT

What:Therapeutic Yoga

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When:Wednesday, May 25th

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