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Welcome to Red Hawk Physical Therapy

In Parts the Whole Virtual Course from Janet Stone Yoga on Vimeo.

Janet Stone and I have collaborated on a virtual workshop that will take place from October 1st–November 18th. We filmed the course at the beginning of 2020 and so much has transpired since then, when social distancing was a foreign concept and we all met regularly to practice and learn under the same roof.

I have decided to close my Physical Therapy practice and live Yoga classes or trainings or workshops until at least October 2020. What I do involves physical contact and close quarters and for the foreseeable future want to attempt to decrease exposure possibilities for all.

Many of us are teaching virtually, a space that asks us to rely more on our verbal cueing than our personal touch and watchful eyes. Personally, I never thought I would ever need or want to teach virtually; but that is the reality for now. My own profound understanding of how our body moves and is supposed to move, has allowed me to successfully continue teaching in spite of the obvious drawbacks of the virtual setting.

I participate in continuing education classes each year to keep current and to fine tune my teaching and instruction. In Parts the Whole is the culmination of 40 years of practicing Physical Therapy combined with a regular personal Yoga practice also spanning 4 decades. This course blends the science and functional anatomy with the art and heart of the yoga practice. I hope you are able to join Janet and I on our deep exploration for the global sangha.

With heart, Harvey


In Parts the Whole

We will explore:

  • Scientific and Artistic exploration of our physical form.
  • Techniques to practice safely and playfully to sustain the journey for a lifetime.
  • Functional anatomy component of Yoga Asana and all its dynamic adaptations.
  • The relationship between the physical and subtle bodies.
  • Personal "Tickets to Paradise" to help heal and prevent injury and overuse.
  • Key concepts of Kinesiology and the physical body to facilitate graceful movement and practice.


Each of the seven weeks will focus on one specific “part of the whole” of the body.

We will explore each separately, marrying them together throughout the course, in order to create an aligned and stable system. Each week, you’ll get a new module. You can work the core curriculum for that module over the course of the week.

  • October 1—Module 1—Foot & ankle
  • October 8—Module 2—Knee
  • October 15—Module 3—Hip
  • October 22—Module 4—Lumber & sacroiliac
  • October 29—Module 5—Cervical & thoracic spine
  • November 5—Module 6—Shoulder
  • November 12—Module 7—Elbow, wrist & hand

Each week will include:

  • Kinesiology concepts that relate to each joint or body part to understand movement.
  • Discussion of functional and dynamic anatomy (the anatomy of movement).
  • Bones, muscles and notable landmarks for each area of the body.
  • Functional exercises and movements (called “tickets to paradise”) to target weak, tight or unexplored muscles.
  • Asana practices with Janet for each body part + a fully integrated version of these practices at the end of the course.
  • Discussion and breakdown of the poses as they related to anatomy.
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