He's back!

If you are interested in an appointment, please email Appointments@redhawkpt.com with the subject line "Appointment Interest" and we will contact you with availability. Please look at the upcoming classes and training on the calendar tab to get involved with an event led by Harvey.

Welcome to Red Hawk Physical Therapy

The name Red Hawk was chosen due to its symbolism and meaning. A Red-Tailed Hawk totem is special. It has direct ties to the Kundalini, the seat of primal life force. It is associated with the base chakra. A Red Hawk is associated with fulfilling the purpose of one's soul. It reflects a greater intensity of energy within your life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual forces will all be strong with the individual. The Red-Tailed Hawk is a permanent totem—it will always be with you.

My Red Hawk is about to take flight in the form of a working sabbatical. I have been working as a PT for 37 consecutive years in hospitals and private clinics and peoples homes and have decided to shift my focus onto my Yoga teachings and travel a bit with my "dog and pony act" teaching people, whether yogis or not, how to best move and strengthen and stabilize their bodies for a long and functional life.

I am truly a very blessed man to have spent the majority of my life doing something that comes naturally and seems to have been beneficial for many beautiful souls. Next chapter will be some thing new and based on all of my years of taking in all this information and watching and touching thousands of bodies.

This is a great opportunity for me to see many old and new friends across the country and around the world as I teach and learn along the way. I plan to split my time between San Francisco and SW Michigan where I have a developing family-like community.

I will be back in San Francisco January through May of 2020 for two advanced therapeutic teacher trainings, and will be seeing patients at my home.

I am including a list of quality healthcare people in town, should you need services while I am out of town. I hope to continue providing what I know you all feel as special and directed and therapeutic treatment when I am in SF.

Please look through some of the things that I have already scheduled and see if anything might be of interest to you or someone who might enjoy the experience. I will be adding many more retreats and teachings in time, so check my Red Hawk PT website for updates.

I have known some of you for the nearly 31 years I have been in SF, and many of you for a shorter period of time, but want you all to know how grateful I am to have lived such a rewarding professional life while living in this amazing city of ours, and so look forward to the next leg of this journey we are all on.


With a humble heart, Harvey

Quality San Francisco Healthcare Professionals


Brian Rizzo
540 Castro St., San Francisco 94114
Eric Rubin
965 North Point, San Francisco 94109

Massage therapists

David Dayalan Clark
1-415-240-4837| david@4dbliss.com
Caroline Kelly
Rick Schwanbeck

Physical therapists

Adrian Carvalho, P.T.
1 Daniel Burnham Ct., #325C, San Francisco
Jennifer Cooper, P.T.
85 Liberty Ship Way, Suite #103, Sausalito, CA 94965
1-415-335-0143| flowphysicaltherapy@gmail.com
G Sports P.T.
332 Pine St, #202, San Francisco
Gina Giammanco, P.T.
Urban Holistic, 1500 16th Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco
Michael Go, P.T.
88 Jackson Street, San Francisco 94111
Colleen Huff, P.T.
1121 Geary Blvd., San Francisco 94109
Kristin Jamieson, P.T.
Urban Holistic, 1500 16th Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco
Renew P.T.
659 Commerical St, #101, San Francisco 94111
Elizabeth (Liz) Scarpelli, P.T.
4200 18th St, #102, San Francisco 94114
580 Market, #100, San Francisco 94104
One Embarcadero Center, Lobby Level, San Francisco 94111
Julie Wong, P.T.
1489 Webster St, #210, San Francisco 94115

Yoga teachers

Kari Marble
David Mceunlty
Jackie Rosenheim
Raquel Scalon
Jill White