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Hi Friends,

One of the benefits of being a PT/Yogi for all of these years is that I have read "the manual" on how the human body works. Specifically functional anatomy and kinesiology, the study of human movement.

I was reminded twice this week about the importance of this deep knowledge base to keep me upright and pain free.

First, was during a consult with a patient who was experiencing severe low back pain and left leg numbness upon rising in the morning. He had been to a physician, virtually, and given medication options and told that "it would probably go away". Sometimes back pain will spontaneously resolve if the causative factor/factors are removed.

In this man's case he had been working for days moving heavy soil. He had no clue as to the proper body mechanics involved in a task he never normally does. Instead of scooping up the soil and flexing and twisting his spine to throw it behind him... he learned about keeping his nose and toes in the same direction as he pitches it in front of him. His disc will most likely heal and will avoid a "blow out".

Second was my own experience in my new kayak. I attempted to "forget" how to fire up my core, stabilize my shoulders with my rotator cuff and adhere my scapulae with my scapular stabilizers (baguettes) and move from my Thoracic rotation... What a mess! I could feel how my body compensated for my lack of stability and strength and how someone could say "kayaking is so hard".


Instead, I found a beautiful rhythm and efficiency and took in the serene and magical surroundings. We witnessed three swans go from floating to flight. The grace and beauty and power of these birds was captivating. Try and imagine the sound of the wings as they gained speed and altitude... a combination of flapping and whirring.


I can't and don't want to shut off my internal guidance/awareness so that I can potentially enjoy what's to come for as long as I am meant to be on this planet. Sounds like Yoga might be a way to achieve both.


Baguette it or fooooget it! Harvey

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What:Therapeutic Yoga

When:Thu Sep 23 2021

Time:10:30 am for 75 min

What:Therapeutic Yoga

When:Sun Sep 26 2021

Time:2:00 pm for 90 min

What:Therapeutic Yoga

When:Tue Sep 28 2021

Time:10:30 am for 75 min

What:Therapeutic Flow

When:Wed Sep 29 2021

Time:3:00 pm for 60 min

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