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We all know the expressions "go with your gut" or "it's a gut feeling". Turns out there is science behind this too!

The human nervous system continues to be explored and better understood. Some things we know are true. There are divisions within the overall system that operate automatically, the Autonomic Nervous System. There are divisions of this Autonomic system, that I often reference in class, called Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems. They are flight and fight and rest and digest, respectively.

Well...there is another division of this autonomic system called the Enteric or intrinsic nervous system that governs the GI tract! We have a direct reflex arc from our brains to our bellies.This accounts for things like "sick to my stomach" , "butterflies in my belly", "something deep inside tells me not to do....".

I have relied more on my gut feelings and reactions over this past bizarre year, what with so much alone time and inability to talk things out with friends. Science gives us the brain/body neural connection, some sort of inner intuition that can better help steer our ships.

Remember at the end of practice how our tongue bath sets up the journey for the saliva to travel through and soften our GI tracts, Enteric System at it's finest!

Grateful for all of you and what you add to our Sangha. See you on the mat!

In peristalsis, Harvey

Heart full

(My gut tells me there's enough wood to last the rest of the winter!)

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