2020 Virtual Appointments

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Welcome to Red Hawk Physical Therapy

Today is Friday, April 3rd, 2020. I only know that because I checked my phone. Time is a mysterious thing and is always playing tricks with us. This is a profound time for everyone living in this world, whether they know it or not.

I have decided to close my Physical Therapy practice and live Yoga classes or trainings or workshops until at least October 2020. What I do involves physical contact and close quarters and for the foreseeable future want to attempt to decrease exposure possibilities for all.

My partner and I are fortunate to own a farmhouse in SW Michigan that is very secluded so I will make the mad dash next Wednesday, with the help of my son Ike and dogs in tow, 2400 miles to quarantine for at least 14 days.

I plan on using this time to be out on the property with nature and continuing to plant the earth and continue with my Yoga practice. Maybe a time to reflect on what is happening and why and what we can learn from our ill preparedness and how some greater power and our planet earth are really in control of it all.

I plan on continuing with the Sunday 11:00am–12:30pm and Wednesday 4:00–5:00pm Zoom schedule for the Yoga Class and Yoga workshop, respectively. I will KEEP these times PST even though I will be on EST. All of this will be at the mercy of the new satellite connection being installed very soon at the house in Fennville, MI.

If you would like to register for upcoming Zoom Yoga Sessions, go to the Calendar tab to see the most recent session.

I think living room Yoga is an amazing way for us to stay together but keep apart. Although “good from far is far from good” that’s what is necessary now so we can re-unite again with an even greater appreciation for each other.

Humor for me is the best thing in the universe. Heard yesterday by the WOMEN in a 55+ straight couple in Buena Vista Park, S.F ., “Do you think when we get home you could cut and color my hair?”

I know you know how much I will miss the hugs!

With heart, Harvey


The name Red Hawk was chosen due to its symbolism and meaning. A Red-Tailed Hawk totem is special. It has direct ties to the Kundalini, the seat of primal life force. It is associated with the base chakra. A Red Hawk is associated with fulfilling the purpose of one's soul. It reflects a greater intensity of energy within your life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual forces will all be strong with the individual. The Red-Tailed Hawk is a permanent totem—it will always be with you.

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