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Welcome to Red Hawk Physical Therapy

Hi Friends,

I began my Yoga journey in 1978 at University of Vermont when I took an elective, one of four in my four years at UVM, called Hatha Yoga. I fell in love with the physical practice first and over the next 44 years have embraced the breath, chanting, and spiritual components.

Yoga has taken me on an amazing journey and has shaped the man I am today and infiltrated almost every aspect of my life. Most profoundly in the people I have met while in practice and on retreat. Many of you reading this right now are "those" people that I am referring to. Hundreds of moments with so many of you that recharge the human spirit.

Hook of the Hamate, located in Fennville, Michigan
(Hook of the Hamate, located in Fennville, Michigan)

I never really planned on this, but my partner David and I will be opening a brand new vacation home/yoga retreat center next week here in a beautiful town called Fennville, Michigan. The town and property are located in Southwest Michigan near Grand Rapids/Holland (click here for complete details). We designed the grand scheme of the house together but David is responsible for the one of a kind magnificent design and feel of the house! As I was unwrapping all of the new props I started to feel the emotions rising with so much joy and excitement to have my own Yoga space, built to my specifications, to share with my friends.

(Picturesque sunset at the Hook of the Hamate, Fennville, MI)
(Picturesque sunset at the Hook of the Hamate, Fennville, MI)

Over the next few months I will start to put together some ideas for retreats in the hopes that some of you, that I don't get to see so often since my move from California, will venture to parts unknown... Michigan and join me for a reunion of our like minds. I welcome suggestions for times and themes, might as well get exactly what you think you are looking for...

Inspecting the new personal touches of the yoga studio at the "Hook"
(Inspecting the new personal touches of the yoga studio at the "Hook")

In a world that is so tumultuous and unpredictable, it is grounding and safe to have our practice and our community. Grateful for all that we have and all that we have nurtured.

with heart, Harvey

Bonus Question: Hook of the Hamate is the name of our new house. Anybody venture a guess as to how we came up with the name? Here is a picture as a hint (hint also in previous above text):

(Satya Yoga Studio in picturesque Saugatuck, Michigan)

Upcoming Class/Workshop Reminders

Satya Yoga is a Yoga Studio located in picturesque Saugatuck, Michigan. Owned and operated by Teresa Van Eyk (eryt500), the studio accommodates all levels of yogis. Click here to view the online schedule of Harvey's upcoming classes and register.

What:Therapeutic Yoga


Time:2:00-3:30 PM EDT

What:Therapeutic Yoga

When:Tuesdays and Thursdays

Time:7:30-8:45 AM EDT

What:Hybrid Yoga Therapeutics

When:Wednesdays in June and July

Time:3:00-4:00 PM EDT

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