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Greetings and Salutations,

It has been a week of reconnecting with friends and family. My son, Zac, was here for the week and we traveled over to Detroit to see friends and a Tigers game.

(Mary Jo and Zac at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan)
(Mary Jo and Zac at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan)

On the way to Detroit we stopped in Lansing, the state capital, to see the Capitol building. I have always had a fascination with capitol buildings and Lansing had been illusive up until now. I have been to more than half of the state capitol buildings and plan on seeing them all. My favorite part, when accessible, is to climb into the rotundas and see the building from the inside out and the views from the top.

Exploring Lansing, the capital of Michigan Exploring Lansing, the capital of Michigan
(Exploring Lansing, the capital of Michigan)

Saturday afternoon we were treated to a sail out onto Lake Michigan in a wooden sailboat from the 1960's. The sailing was fun but the best part was when we stopped in about 100 feet of water, took down the sails, jumped into the water, and reclined in floating devices for about an hour. We were tethered to the boat so we could float without drifting. My float had the perfect shape to support my spine in its natural curves, I never shut down my spinal alignment, and literally drifted off in mind and body. I still can feel the effects of buoyancy and calm.

(Drifting with friends and family on Lake Michigan) (Drifting with friends and family on Lake Michigan)
(Drifting with friends and family on Lake Michigan)

It is so important to take some time and "drift off", literally or figuratively, in order to rebalance our nervous system and decompress our minds and bodies. It is a sure fire way to keep the demons away and invite the tranquility to invade the systems.

I am feeling blessed and loved and grateful for this existence.

Catch the Drift, Harvey

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