2020 Virtual Appointments

If you are interested in an appointment, please email redhawkappointments@gmail.com with the subject line "Appointment Interest" and we will contact you with availability for the upcoming year.

Welcome to Red Hawk Physical Therapy


What started out 2+ years ago as a working sabbatical has, blindly and virally, morphed into building a virtual community of several hundred regular Yoga students. I have my friend JK to thank for encouraging a trial online class.

I have always marveled at the power of Yoga and community. I am quite sure that part of the genesis of our group forming has to do with prior familiarity and need to keep the flame alive. We have "virtually" and virtually introduced hundreds of new Yogis to "our" practice.

I have decided to embrace this new method of teaching and want to invite our ever growing Sangha to an EASY, one stop shop, to all my offerings. This one platform is Vivayalive.com. It will be my central hub and also a place to find other complementary classes and people.

Vivaya makes it easy to become part of my classes and workshops by currently offering you a free 2-week "get to know the website", before I move all the classes over from all the other places I teach. Simply click here and the rest is quite easy. There is no charge for the first two weeks and then you can decide how you would like to continue. I have personally explored the website to check out the offerings. You can choose a monthly pass, that gives you access to everyone's classes, or 1-5-10 Pack of classes to be used as you wish. The classes will be recorded and available for viewers for 48 hours after the class is over. I prefer live, but it’s not always possible. There is a help button that pops up on Vivayalive website if ANY questions arise.

I will continue my regular teaching schedule until my first classes begin on Vivaya. The first class is on Tuesday 12/8/20 and Thursday 12/10/20 from 7:30–8:45 PST, same times as last few months with extended 75' classes on Tue/Thur! There will also be class on Sunday 12/13/20 from 11–12:30 PST. The schedule will slowly be built for access over the next two weeks.

I am physically practicing with you more than ever, as there is no more live human touch stuff going on!

I can physically/emotionally/energetically feel the positive effects of practicing with you humans for the past seven months. I have been reinspired for practice and finding new ways to access the "spots". How fun! Science tells us to stay in our homes for the next few weeks/months. I am going to practice Yoga and invite you to join me in my new home from my old house. I have complete control of my schedule now and invite your ideas for workshops and extended classes.

Who'd a thunk it!!!!

Heart full, Harvey

Turkey Day Special

11/26 Zoom Link

Passcode: 344322


Sunday Zoom Yoga Information

11/29 Zoom Link

Passcode: 344322


Vermont Trio

In a few Fridays, join me for Psoas Release & Awakening from 6–7:30EST.

Registration link


O2—aka Oasis

Registration Link

Time: 12:15–3:15 PM PST on

Time: 12:15–3:15 PM PST on

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