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Hi Yogis,

Hard to believe it is already Wednesday again and coming up on the end of 2022. I think it is probably the same for many of you, as it is for me, the passage and keeping track of time has been altered ever since the pandemic. What we once knew as "normal" completely shifted and has forever been changed going forward.

This has been my most challenging year health wise and has humbled and challenged everything that I once thought I knew about my own mortality.

I have been a PT for over 40 years and have heard so many stories and twists and turns in people's lives. What we once thought was our path can so easily be sidetracked from one event or twist of fate. It is what we choose to do with this new paradigm that dictates the course we travel. How fragile our homeostasis! One thing gets knocked out of whack and the tower starts to sway and bend. Fortifying the system by educating oneself about the possibilities for help through medication, lifestyle, and positive thinking can only serve us to make the time we have left on this Earth as gratifying as possible.

What I keep coming back to as my most potent armor against all the things trying to take us down is my Yoga practice and Yoga community. Caring for ourselves from the deepest level of calm and serenity through breath and movement can only help to steer the ship into calm waters. Stopping the mind from going to places that don't serve us well and instead journeying to a safe and tranquil port can alter the course of our lives.

Yoga has been my way to connect on the most intimate and deepest levels with my fellow humans. This has been my story in every place I have lived, including my new home here in Michigan. I find myself surrounded by like minded, caring, and authentic humans who find the time to connect and support me during some challenging moments on my journey.

Find some time this week to contact a few "pillars" in your life. Let them know how much you appreciate their friendship and kindness and that you are there for them should the occasion arise. Knowing someone has your back is paramount in maintaining our connections with our fellow humanoids.

Grateful for each and every one of you that I have brushed up against on this life adventure.

(Big Red Lighthouse in Macatawa, MI)
(Big Red Lighthouse in Macatawa, MI)

with heart, Harvey

Upcoming Class/Workshop Reminders

Satya Yoga is a Yoga Studio located in picturesque Saugatuck, Michigan. Owned and operated by Teresa Van Eyk (eryt500), the studio accommodates all levels of yogis. Click here to view the online schedule of Harvey's upcoming classes and register.

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