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Hi Yogis,

The topic of pain has surfaced a few times lately so I thought it was a sign to say a few words.

I often talk about the difference between pain and sensation. Many people are very disconnected from their bodies and any new sensation can be perceived as warning and pain. It is our minds way of protecting ourselves from harm.

The practice of yoga allows us to explore the safety limits of our minds and bodies. Knowing that certain sensations are not only expected, but welcomed, allows us to "soften in", rather than try and force a guarded and protected system. Embrace the sensations and guide the ship through the calm waters.

I like to use the thought, especially while in a yoga pose, could I hold this for 2 minutes? If the answer is yes then it's probably sensational and not painful. Or...scale of 1-10 in perceived pain from almost nothing to excruciating. Keep it below 7. This will promote progression and help keep you safe.

I recently found some gems that I saved from the early years of my career. I worked a lot with post op knee patients ACL and meniscal repairs were very common. I would have to help them regain the range of motion of their knee and it would often be very painful. I came up with phrases that would explain the idea of pain while trying to distract them from the goings on...some of those phrases were written down by my patients.

(Janine and Zac, 2004)
(A goniometer, pictured above, is a device that measures an angle or permits the rotation of an object to a definite position)
  1. O.K. we're really going to have to work it today girl!
  2. We are going to get this f....in knee movin
  3. So just suck it up, take as much as you can, and then go a little more.
  4. Now we're breaking new ground, so this is going to be uncomfortable, but remember there is no such thing as pain, just the perception of discomfort.
  5. Now let's work together, deep breath. Did you take any vicodin today?
  6. Pain is a perceived function, it's all in your head. Pretend you don't have a head.
(Ode To My Goniometer by Jean Leathers above)

Humor is so important in every aspect of our existence. I still enjoy the intimate connection with my patients and yogis to this day...often centered around humor... and anatomy. Humorous/Humerus!

with heart, Harvey

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