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Welcome to Red Hawk Physical Therapy

Hi Yogis,

I have been back in Michigan for about a month now, after my three months in SF. Such vastly different places in so many ways, and yet both enchanting and enticing. I can still hear the shoes hitting the stage at the SF ballet during "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and this morning could hear my boots on the path in the woods during our dog walk. Same idea, different venue. So quiet you could hear a shoe drop!

People sometimes ask me if I am retired or thinking about retiring. I had the recent realization that I will never age out of yoga or PT. In fact, I feel wiser and more able to convey thoughts and ideas the older I get. Teaching people the wisdom that can only be gained through experience. Is youth truly wasted on the young?

All of this to say... I hope to split my time between Michigan and SF for the next few years. I want to maintain my presence in SF and deepen my roots in Michigan. I will be back in SF 9/19/24 through 10/12/24. I know I will see some of you on the mat, on the table, across the table, and somewhere in nature.

I have always been a fascia fanatic! Over the past few moths I have been putting together a 6 hour course discussing fascia, both scientific and experiential. Sound familiar? After so many years of yoga and PT practice I want to share some of my observations and understandings of the fascial system and how it can be accessed through our yoga practice and mindfulness.

The course can be taken live virtually or as a recording after the fact. I will have a live Q & A session but otherwise the content will be the same.

June 15 - 16, 12pm-3pm Pacific

Registration: $88 (Before June 8)

$108 after June 8

Sign up or learn more:


Expressions of Practice -- FASCINATING FASCIA with Harvey Deutch TWO DAY VIRTUAL WORKSHOP.  SCHEDULE -- June 15-16, 12-3 pm pacific.  COST -- $88 early (register by June 8); $108 after June 8 Set aside a weekend for study in this fully virtual live 2-day workshop. Enrollment is open.

All aboard the yoga bus, we don't always know where it is going but we know it is always going somewhere cool... and you never sit next to anyone you wouldn't want to.

P.S. I am thinking of leading a yoga retreat here in Michigan 8/18/24 - 8/23/24 at my retreat center, Hook of the Hamate, pictured below. Let me know your thoughts?

And here I am in my backyard - reminders of fascia! And here I am in my backyard - reminders of fascia! And here I am in my backyard - reminders of fascia! And here I am in my backyard - reminders of fascia! And here I am in my backyard - reminders of fascia!

And here I am in my backyard - reminders of fascia!

With heart, Harvey


Upcoming Class/Workshop Reminders

Throughout 2020, we were missing a space to practice in, to breathe in. HAUM is authentically San Francisco and born out of the ashes of a really tough year. We are proud to be an LGBTQ+ owned and operated business bringing yoga to the Mission, Haight-Ashbury, and beyond.

Weekly Yoga Classes

  • Where: Satya Yoga Saugatuck - 439 Butler St, Saugatuck
  • What: In Person Yoga Therapeutics (Click here to register)
  • When: Tuesday 7:30am, Wednesday 9am & 4:30pm, Thursday 7:30am

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