1. 1st Ray Seated  (Download file)
  2. 1st Ray Standing  (Download file)
  3. 1st Ray Walking with Theraband  (Download file)
  4. 2 Strap Hamstring Belt Stretch
  5. 3 Way SI/Piriformis  (Download file)
  6. 5 Way Hamstring Belt Stretch  (Download file)
  7. A.M. Yoga  (Download file)
  8. Alternating Upper/Lower Extremities  (Download file)
  9. Ankle Inversion/Eversion with Theraband  (Download file)
  10. Ankle Plantarflexion, Dorsiflexion and Eversion with Theraband  (Download file)
  11. Ankle Roll Ups  (Download file)
  12. Arch Wind Up  (Download file)
  13. Arm Reaches on Foam Roller  (Download file)
  14. Baby Cradle  (Download file)
  15. Back Program: Strengthening  (Download file)
  16. Back Program: Stretches  (Download file)
  17. Ball of Fire  (Download file)
  18. Baseball Steps  (Download file)
  19. Biceps Corkscrew  (Download file)
  20. Biceps/Triceps with Theraband  (Download file)
  21. Blind Frog  (Download file)
  22. Body Mechanics  (Download file)
  23. Bridge Block Sequence  (Download file)
  24. Bridges on Physioball  (Download file)
  25. Bridges X3  (Download file)
  26. Bridges x7  (Download file)
  27. Buddha  (Download file)
  28. Butt Kicks  (Download file)
  29. Butt up the Wall  (Download file)
  30. Camel at Wall  (Download file)
  31. Cat-Camel  (Download file)
  32. Cervical Traction with Foam Roller  (Download file)
  33. Chalk Circles  (Download file)
  34. Chest Opener on Foam Roller  (Download file)
  35. Chin Tuck  (Download file)
  36. Christina's World  (Download file)
  37. Clamshell  (Download file)
  38. Compass Steps  (Download file)
  39. Confusion  (Download file)
  40. Crab  (Download file)
  41. Crab Modified  (Download file)
  42. Crabwalk with Theraband  (Download file)
  43. Cradle "L" Piriformis Stretch  (Download file)
  44. Crazy Legs  (Download file)
  45. Crunches  (Download file)
  46. D1 Flexion/Extension, D2 Flexion/Extension with Dumbell  (Download file)
  47. D2 with Theraband  (Download file)
  48. Dead Bug  (Download file)
  49. Dead Bug on Foam Roller  (Download file)
  50. Dinapoli Squeeze  (Download file)
  51. Dipping Bird
  52. Disco Diagonals  (Download file)
  53. Doming  (Download file)
  54. Donkey Kicks  (Download file)
  55. Doorway Stretch/Corner Lean  (Download file)
  56. Doorway/Corner Stretch  (Download file)
  57. Down Dog  (Download file)
  58. Eagle  (Download file)
  59. Eagle Legs
  60. Eccentric Box Drops  (Download file)
  61. Egyptian Dancer  (Download file)
  62. Empty Can  (Download file)
  63. Extended Toe Stretch  (Download file)
  64. External Door Rotation  (Download file)
  65. External Rotation at the Door  (Download file)
  66. External Rotation of the Shoulder with Theraband  (Download file)
  67. External Rotation Overhead  (Download file)
  68. Finklestein's Thumb Stretch  (Download file)
  69. Five Way Wrist  (Download file)
  70. Flat Palm External Rotation  (Download file)
  71. Flutterkick on Physioball  (Download file)
  72. Foam Roller Pull/Push/Bend/Twist  (Download file)
  73. Forward Bend  (Download file)
  74. Four Way Wrist Stretch  (Download file)
  75. Frog  (Download file)
  76. Full Spine Stretch (4 Positions)  (Download file)
  77. Glass Twist  (Download file)
  78. Globetrotter  (Download file)
  79. Glut Med At the Wall  (Download file)
  80. Hamstring Belt Stretch X3  (Download file)
  81. Hamstring Curls with Physioball  (Download file)
  82. Hamstring Curls with Theraband  (Download file)
  83. Hamstring Frisk  (Download file)
  84. Hamstring Frisk Modified  (Download file)
  85. Happy Hands  (Download file)
  86. Heel Raises  (Download file)
  87. Heel Slides  (Download file)
  88. High March  (Download file)
  89. Hitchhiker  (Download file)
  90. Horse Paw  (Download file)
  91. Hot Potato  (Download file)
  92. Interlaced Bridge  (Download file)
  93. Interlaced Finger Breath  (Download file)
  94. Interlaced Hands Behind Back  (Download file)
  95. Internal Rotation of the Shoulder with Theraband  (Download file)
  96. Internal Rotation Stretch with Strap  (Download file)
  97. IT Band Roll Out on Foam Roller  (Download file)
  98. Jeannie in the Corner  (Download file)
  99. Jim Dandy  (Download file)
  100. Knee Program  (Download file)
  101. Kneeling Hip Flexor "C"  (Download file)
  102. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch 3 points  (Download file)
  103. Kneeling Soleus Stretch  (Download file)
  104. Kneeling/Bent Over Rows  (Download file)
  105. Lat Pull Downs with Theraband  (Download file)
  106. Lat Stretch on Table  (Download file)
  107. Lat/Bicep Pullback  (Download file)
  108. Leash  (Download file)
  109. Leg Circles
  110. Legs up the Wall  (Download file)
  111. Levator Scapula Stretch  (Download file)
  112. Limb Extension  (Download file)
  113. Lion  (Download file)
  114. Longus Colli  (Download file)
  115. Lori's Loop  (Download file)
  116. Lower Extremity Lift  (Download file)
  117. Lower Trap Quadruped  (Download file)
  118. Lower Trap with Foam Roller  (Download file)
  119. Lunges  (Download file)
  120. Mecca/Child/T-Spine Open  (Download file)
  121. Milk the Cow  (Download file)
  122. Milton Mash  (Download file)
  123. Neck Flexion and Extension with Towel  (Download file)
  124. Neck Stretches X2  (Download file)
  125. Neural Gliding  (Download file)
  126. Open Book  (Download file)
  127. Parallel Ironing on Foam Roller  (Download file)
  128. Pec Stretch on the Wall  (Download file)
  129. Pelvic Leveling/Unleveling  (Download file)
  130. Perpendicular Upper Back Rolling on Foam Roller  (Download file)
  131. Phantom Chair  (Download file)
  132. Physioball Jackhammer, Wall Press, Roll-Up (lower body)  (Download file)
  133. Pigeon  (Download file)
  134. Pilates Series X5  (Download file)
  135. Piriformis Sequence  (Download file)
  136. Piston  (Download file)
  137. Plank Pose
  138. Posterior Arm Scaplar with Theraband  (Download file)
  139. Posterior Cap/Crossover Stretch  (Download file)
  140. Prayer/Child's Pose  (Download file)
  141. Prone Internal/External Rotation  (Download file)
  142. Prone Press-ups  (Download file)
  143. Psoas Swing  (Download file)
  144. Push-Up Plus on Countertop  (Download file)
  145. Push-up with a Plus  (Download file)
  146. Pushwaiter  (Download file)
  147. Quad Sets  (Download file)
  148. Quad Up the Wall  (Download file)
  149. Quadriceps Stretch - prone  (Download file)
  150. Queen's Wave  (Download file)
  151. Replay  (Download file)
  152. Replay X4  (Download file)
  153. Reverse Confusion  (Download file)
  154. Reverse Milk the Cow
  155. Rhomboid Reach  (Download file)
  156. Rhomboid Roll  (Download file)
  157. Romulan Salute  (Download file)
  158. Salabhasana (Locust Pose/ Superwoman/ Superman)  (Download file)
  159. Scalene Stretch  (Download file)
  160. Scaption  (Download file)
  161. Seated Chair Twist  (Download file)
  162. Seated Piriformis Stretch  (Download file)
  163. Seated Psoas Stretch  (Download file)
  164. Seated Rows with Theraband  (Download file)
  165. Seated Spinal Twist  (Download file)
  166. Serratus Anterior on Foam Roller  (Download file)
  167. Shoulder Flexion on Foam Roller  (Download file)
  168. Shoulder Open Down Dog  (Download file)
  169. Shoulder Program: Strengthening  (Download file)
  170. Shoulder Program: Stretches  (Download file)
  171. Shy Sheik  (Download file)
  172. Siberian Squeeze  (Download file)
  173. Side "C" Sitting  (Download file)
  174. Side "C" Standing  (Download file)
  175. Side "C" Standing X2  (Download file)
  176. Side "C" Warrior  (Download file)
  177. Side Plank  (Download file)
  178. Side Warrior  (Download file)
  179. Sidelying Legs 1  (Download file)
  180. Sidelying Legs 2  (Download file)
  181. Sidelying Shoulder Internal/External Rotation  (Download file)
  182. Single Leg Squats  (Download file)
  183. Sitting Pretty  (Download file)
  184. Sitting Pretty x3  (Download file)
  185. Ski  (Download file)
  186. Snap Shot  (Download file)
  187. Snow Angel on Foam Roller  (Download file)
  188. Sphynx-Plank  (Download file)
  189. Spider  (Download file)
  190. Spinal Twist  (Download file)
  191. Spiral Balance  (Download file)
  192. Spiral Twist at Wall  (Download file)
  193. Squats  (Download file)
  194. Standing Calf Stretch X2  (Download file)
  195. Standing Hip External Rotation (Standing Pigeon)  (Download file)
  196. Standing March  (Download file)
  197. Standing Pigeon (Standing Hip External Rotation)  (Download file)
  198. Standing Quad Stretch  (Download file)
  199. Standing Row  (Download file)
  200. Standing TFL Stretch  (Download file)
  201. Step Up and Over  (Download file)
  202. Straight Leg Raises  (Download file)
  203. Superman  (Download file)
  204. Superwoman  (Download file)
  205. Superwoman on ball
  206. Supine Piriformis Stretch  (Download file)
  207. Supine Piriformis Stretch at Wall  (Download file)
  208. Supine Stick Flexion, Abduction and External Rotation  (Download file)
  209. Tadasana  (Download file)
  210. Tendon Glide  (Download file)
  211. Tennis Elbow Stretch  (Download file)
  212. Terminal Knee Extension  (Download file)
  213. Theraputty
  214. Thoracic Extension on Foam Roller  (Download file)
  215. Thoracic Jacket  (Download file)
  216. Thoracic Kimtastic  (Download file)
  217. Thread the Needle  (Download file)
  218. Thumb Thing  (Download file)
  219. Tic Tac Toe  (Download file)
  220. Toe Extension Stretch
  221. Toe Gymnastics  (Download file)
  222. Toe Taps
  223. Toe Taps Progression  (Download file)
  224. Tree Progression  (Download file)
  225. Triangle  (Download file)
  226. Triangle at the Wall x2  (Download file)
  227. Triceps Kickback  (Download file)
  228. Twisted Child  (Download file)
  229. Twisted Child Sequence  (Download file)
  230. Upward Bow  (Download file)
  231. V to W on Foam Roller  (Download file)
  232. Vault  (Download file)
  233. Victorias Secret  (Download file)
  234. Victory "V"  (Download file)
  235. Waiting for Dinner  (Download file)
  236. Walk Outs on Physioball  (Download file)
  237. Wall Angel  (Download file)
  238. Wall Hang  (Download file)
  239. Wall Plank  (Download file)
  240. Wall Push Offs  (Download file)
  241. Wall Slides  (Download file)
  242. Wall V to W  (Download file)
  243. Wall V with Physioball  (Download file)
  244. Wall Walk  (Download file)
  245. Warrior  (Download file)
  246. Wash the Wall  (Download file)
  247. Whitman Sampler x3  (Download file)
  248. Wide Child x3  (Download file)
  249. Windmill x2  (Download file)