Redhawk Physical Therapy - San Francisco

About Red Hawk Physical Therapy

Red Hawk Physical Therapy is both a clinic, and a family of incredibly talented and caring individuals. Since its first year in 1994, Harvey wanted Red Hawk’s clinic to be more like a home for his patients. The goal since the beginning was to have an intimate team of high-caliber physical therapists who would work together towards the common goal of holistic healing and recovery. We have created just that: a compassionate, supportive and effective therapeutic healing environment where you can expect to receive not only manual orthopedic care, but also a thorough and nuanced education regarding your injury or concern. 

The name Red Hawk was chosen due to its symbolism and meaning, A Red-Tailed Hawk totem is special. It has direct ties to the Kundalini, the seat of primal life force. It is associated with the base chakra. A Red Hawk is associated with fulfilling the purpose of one’s soul. It reflects a greater intensity of energy within your life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual forces will all be strong with the individual. The Red-Tail Hawk is a permanent totem—it will always be with you.


Harvey graduates from University of Vermont in 1981 and moves to L.A where he works as a physical therapist for 6 years in hospital and private settings. In 1987 Harvey decides to move to San Francisco and continues working as a Physical Therapist.


After working as the director of a sports medicine clinic for 7 years, Harvey decides to open his own clinic. In 1994 Red Hawk Physical Therapy is born and patients in the bay area are introduced to a more personalized and ‘patients first’ approach to physical therapy and healing.


Over the past two decades Red Hawk expanded to 4 locations in the bay area. Each location boasted a team of talented physical therapists with a wide range of skills and specialties. The venues were designed to give patients convenient access, along with various amenities.


In July 2013, Red Hawk Physical Therapy consolidated it's services to provide top quality care from one clinic located in Potrero Hill. With their unique and holistic approach to healing and patient wellness, Red Hawk has now evolved into the Bay Area’s leading Physical Therapy clinic.